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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions that are not listed below, please feel free to give us a call or email!


How much does it cost for cleaning?


As all cleaning needs are not created equally cleaning costs are based on the needs and requirements of each individual job. We will provide costs before starting the job so there is no surprises. Call for more details.


How long will it take for drying?


Drying times will depend a lot on outside humidity. We try to leave the carpets, or upholstery as dry as possible. Typically drying times are approximately 24 hours. Drying equipment can be provided if necessary.


Will all the spots & stains be removed?


We do our best to remove all spots & stains. Most stains can be removed during normal cleaning procedures because of our pre-treatment, extremely hot water and incredible vacuum. Stubborn stains will be treated individually. Even with all of this permanent stains can occur which no amount of cleaning can correct. We pride ourselves on our ability to remove stubborn stains. 

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